Yesterday saw the whole school engage in multiple workshops to celebrate Ada Lovelace day. 

Year 7 took part in IBM led Agile Thinking workshops in the morning, working in teams to see who could design and fly a paper plane which will fly 3 metres onto the landing pad. The overall winning team across the year group were presented with an IBM hoodie by our IBM guest speaker. Well done Team 3000!

Years 8 and 9 engaged in Science, Humanities and maths Computational Thinking workshops.

Year 10 were immersed into the world of AI Chatbot through a Design Thinking workshop led by IBM. In teams the students had to create empathy maps and ideate to design a ChatBot and then present back to the class. They were then given the opportunity to ask our IBMers career based questions during a Career Q&A session.

Year 11 participated in a Design Thinking workshop run by IBM and then enjoyed a Career Q&A session with our guests from industry.

All of our students listened to an inspiring keynote presentation by Lella Violet Halloum - a Digital Changemaker at IBM who is just 19 years of age! Introduced by Vikki Bradney-Spencer, our close partner at IBM, Lella's message was to seize every opportunity that comes their way, including making the most of opportunities to make connections with people in industry.

Our Year 11 prefects and Y12 Laboratory Science students certainly had that opportunity as they were tasked with chaperoning and engaging with our guests from industry which included representatives from Toshiba, the NHS and Deloitte.

Our Year 12 Digital T-Level students were off site for the day attending IBM Think London event.

The Year 12 Laboratory Science students honed their inter-personal skills and were responsible for engaging with our guests from industry, participating in a networking session and also assisting some of the lower school with workshops. They were also fortunate to hear Dr Janet Lee from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

We hope that our students found the day positive and themselves inspired. Thank you to everyone involved.