"The curriculum will provide uncompromising academic challenge alongside a rich cultural experience."

Alice Hudson, Executive Headteacher

The curriculum will replicate the very successful model adopted across the Twyford CofE Academies Trust.

This model places a high premium on academic success and therefore takes an intelligent approach to achievement. Core subjects (English, Maths, Science, Languages, History, Geography and RE) are all taught formally as separate subject specialisms.

Here are some of the topics students currently cover during their first two years in their core subjects:

  • English: Private Peaceful, Shakespeare Plays, Poetry, Greek Myths, Gothic literature, Chaucer.
  • Maths: Sequences, Shapes and Measurement, Linear Equations, Probability, Algebra, Graphs, Transformations.
  • Science: Organs, Healthy Living, Matter, Energy and Forces, Ecology, Acids and Bases, Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Light and Sound, Mechanics, Reproduction.
  • Languages: German and Latin (from Year 7) and a second modern language (from Year 8) : topics include Family and Relationships, School and Free Time
  • History: Medieval Kings, the Tudors, the Stuarts, Empire, Industrial Revolution.
  • Geography: How water shapes our world, World population, Settlements, Britain, Weather, Tourism, Brazil, Ecosystems.
  • RE: Judaism, Life and Works of Jesus, Islam, Inspirational People, Interfaith Issues, Young Philosophers, The Passion, Social Concern.

Our enrichment curriculum allows students to develop their creative skills and follow their particular aptitudes in Music, Art, Drama and Sport.

You can find out more about our approach to the curriculum in the Twyford Trust's Curriculum Policy.

For further details please find our curriculum booklet here.

Parents can find out more about the school's curriculum on COPIA.

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Extra curricula

Curriculum Policy.In our schools we put a lot of emphasis on extra-curricular/wider learning activities. Additional enrichment activities take place in a programme of after-school classes for students who are gifted and talented in particular areas.

The School will provide a range of extra-curricular music activities including instrumental tuition. Students may have paired or group lessons in piano, vocals, guitar, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments.

We will also aim to run sports teams in major sports (Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Football, Rugby, Cricket and Basketball).

For older students, we aim to provide a range of vocational learning experiences. All students take part in a work experience programme. There will be an ongoing careers programme for students in all year groups in partnership with Connexions and outside providers such as Ealing Business Partnership.

We expect to provide a range of residential visits including outward bound-type experiences and language exchanges.

The school year ends with “Activities Week” when residential trips take place. However, for students who stay at home there are challenges also, including creative/community projects and local visits.

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