Ada Lovelace is a Church of England school and is built on strong Christian principles. We believe in a world which is lovingly and purposefully made and that all people have God-given gifts to use wisely and well. At the school we aim to create a positive ethic of appreciation for all that the world offers and gratitude for our human capacity to do and be good. We work to ensure that this ethic embraces all of our students, whatever their faith or background.

We aim therefore to be a community which:

  • Intelligently engages with the world;

  • Exercises wise stewardship of both the environment and personal talents;

  • Lives thankful and creative lives;

  • Develops individuals’ capacity to make a positive difference to others

These aims are embedded in the Ada Lovelace Etiquette. The etiquette includes our duty to use our gifts wisely, our politeness to teachers and fellow pupils, our deportment around the school and our capacity to be calm and receptive. Ada Lovelace CofE High School will build on the habit of silence which has been developed across Twyford CofE Academies Trust schools to accustom students to prayerful reflectiveness and self-control. Click below to read the etiquette in full.

Ada Lovelace Etiquette

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There is no parking on the school site for parents or visitors during the school day or after school. If you have special requirements, please contact the school office.

Ada Lovelace CofE High School is in the London Borough of Ealing’s Controlled Parking Zone W which restricts parking between 09:00am-10:00am and 3:00pm-4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Travelling to school by car is discouraged and all visitors and pupils are requested to travel by more sustainable means.

Public Transport

The school is well served by public transport. Transport for London lines run to the following stations, all of which are a short walk from the school:

TfL & National Rail

Ealing Broadway (Central Line and London Overground), about 10 minutes' walk. North Ealing underground station (Piccadilly Line) about 5 minutes' walk.


The 112 and 483 bus stops a short walk away with Ealing Broadway and North Ealing Station in close proximity (central line, district line & overground).

The Transport for London website has up to date travel information on the Underground, Overground and Bus networks.


Ada Lovelace CofE High School offers step-free access to the school building and its facilities for all staff, students, parents and visitors. Other features include a lowered reception desk, a hearing aid induction loop at the main reception and a lift to floors 1, 2 and 3. If you have any other access requirements, please contact the school office.

School Travel Plan

The school's travel plan to promote active and sustainable travel can be found below:

Travel Plan

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The Café is open for breakfast club, during break and lunch times. It is an enjoyable, vibrant and colourful space with an outdoor area containing picnic benches. The Café serves a wide range of hot and cold food and drink including fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads and a meal of the day.

An example of the 3-week menu can be found below:

Café menu

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We believe that everyone will enjoy this café-style dining experience with its quick and cashless service. Parents need to register with ParentPay for students to be able to enjoy the cashless service.

Please find communications from Impact Food Group below:

Impact Food Group

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On 3rd November 2020 Ada Lovelace CofE High School kitchen received the top rating of 5 = very good from Ealing Council's Food Regulatory Services Officer. Please see certificate below.


Ealing Council has signed up to a new national food hygiene ratings scheme (in partnership with the Food Standards Agency). The scheme will give information about the hygiene standards in establishments where food is served. Please visit Ealing Council's website for further information.

Free School Meals

To find out about registering for Free School Meals, please see Free School Meals.

The key to success at Ada Lovelace is to be really organised and prepared. As well as their School Uniform and PE Kit (see Uniform), students will require the following equipment:

  • Pens - red, green and blue/black
  • Pencil
  • Pencil Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • 30cm Ruler
  • Glue Stick
  • School scissors (with rounded edges)
  • White Board Pen & White Board Eraser
  • Highlighters - pink, orange and green
  • Maths Geometry Set - compass and protractor
  • Scientific Calculator - this must be the Casio FX-85GTX (can be purchased from the school)
  • German Dictionary (for use at home)  - this must be the Collins Easy Learning German Dictionary (ISBN: 9780008300265 which can be purchased from the school
  • Black Sketch Book to be purchased from the school in September

In addition to the equipment listed above and their school uniform, students will need:

  • Colouring pencils or felt-tips pens
  • A reading book
  • Clear covering film or transparent book protectors to cover school books
  • A4 lined and plain paper for homework
  • Access to a computer and the internet is very useful for homework.

An equipment check is carried out every Monday morning. A wide range of stationery is available to purchase from the Student Services School Shop which is open during break time and lunchtime.

It is the student’s responsibility to prepare their school bag every night so that it is ready for the next day. If they forget something, they will face a same-day detention (see Behaviour section).

Even if you believe a forgotten item was your fault, we are not able to take items from parents at reception. This is fair to the whole school community and helps students become even more independent and responsible for their own organisation.

Parents who wish their child to carry a mobile phone to school should do so only according to the following:

  • The phone must not have internet access and must not have a camera
  • Some suggested phone models that meet our policy include the following types – Alcatel 10.16G, Nokia 105, Samsung E1200
  • The phone should be clearly marked with the student’s full name
  • The phone should be switched off before the student enters the school site and placed in their school bag
  • The phone should not be brought out at any point during the school day and should only be used after school when they are out of sight of the school entrances
  • A school brand mobile phone remains the responsibility of the student at all times and the school will not take action if it is lost or stolen
  • If a student is allowed to take a mobile phone on a school visit/residential trip it must be a school approved mobile phone.

There may be occasions where a member of staff is required to search a student’s bag to look for a mobile phone (this will be done in accordance with the DfE guidance on searching and screening):

  • If during a search a ‘school phone’ is found it will not be confiscated provided it does not contain any evidence relating to an investigation AND when it is found switched off
  • All non-school recommended phones and ‘school phones’ that are not switched off will automatically be confiscated as part of a search
  • Any phone that is seen or heard during the school day (school issue or otherwise) will automatically be confiscated

When a phone is confiscated,

  • If it is a school-approved mobile phone and does not contain information pertaining to an investigation, it may be collected by a parent at the end of the school day. It will not be returned to the student.
  • If it is a non-approved phone, neither the phone nor the SIM card will be returned until the end of the full school term in which it is confiscated, and the student will receive a Senior Leadership Team detention. No exceptions will be made to this rule so you must ensure your child does not bring a non-approved mobile phone onto the school premises under any circumstances.

The school operates a positive and negative points system:

  • Students will be rewarded with positive points for good behaviour, good participation in class, good work and many other achievements. Successes are celebrated in tutor time, in school assemblies and in the school newsletter.
  • As we have the highest expectations of our students, sanctions will be enforced for poor behaviour. Each negative point given to a student equates to a same-day 15-minute after-school detention.
  • If a student misbehaves in same-day detention, they will be given an SLT detention for 90 minutes the following Friday.
  • If students received 10 or more negative points during a single week, parents will be informed as the student will be at risk of exclusion.

When a detention is issued, parents will be notified via email. Students will not be excused from detention unless they have a medical appointment (evidence will be required)