I am proud to lead Ada Lovelace, the newest school in the Twyford CofE Academies Trust, an outstanding school established to serve the local Ealing community. We are a value centred school that is relentless in its approach to deliver the highest standards of academic achievement for its students. Ada Lovelace is an 11-18 Comprehensive school, which will reach a roll of approximately 1350 students in the academic year 2024/25.

Our new building provides an incredible environment for learning, full of light and airy classrooms, equipped with modern technology and with huge spaces where we join as one community. This enhanced learning environment is academically uplifting, motivating students to do and be the best that they can be.

At Ada Lovelace, we have formed our unique identity using Ada Lovelace’s legacy as ‘the first computer programmer’, as a brilliant, agile thinker and problem solver. This legacy will be at the heart of our Digital Specialism where ‘Digital’ learning will shine brightly. Indeed, the ‘Lovelace Leap’ is central to our school motto ‘Make the Leap…’ Ada courageously challenged her contemporaries to think about computers in a totally different way than was common at the time taking knowledge, and applying it in a different context creating new understanding as a result. This Lovelace Leap is where our motto Make the Leap has its origins and will inspire Ada Lovelace students present and future to do and be great.

At Ada Lovelace, the longer school day means that the Curriculum is broad and balanced and the extended curricula time enables deep academic stretch. All students study an academic, Grammar school curriculum model with a focus on the core and enabling subjects in the morning curriculum with longer lessons in the creative applications in the afternoon. The opportunity to have lessons in the core subjects each day, supported by the daily lesson preparation task completed at home delivers a flow to learning that leads to incredible results.

Teachers are very aware of the needs of students with SEND and care is taken to ensure access to the curriculum for these students.

We also have a well-developed approach to Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance which closely aligns with the Pastoral Programme designed to deliver PSHE within the context of the strongly articulated Christian values of the school (see Ethos and Vision tab above).

In September 2023 launched our T-Levels programme for post-16 students initially majoring on Digital Production, Design and Development or Laboratory Science.

Ada Lovelace is driven by a confident sense of purpose, a clear education vision and ambitious aspirations for our students. We are passionately committed to the students and families we serve. Through the development of the skills and attitudes so well modelled by Ada Lovelace herself, we work tirelessly to ensure that we stretch all students both academically and personally to achieve the highest of standards and of course…. Make the Leap.

Mr Keir Smith



At Ada Lovelace we want students to understand their unique place in the community and the importance of using their gifts for the good of themselves and the communities they serve. To encourage service within school there are opportunities such as house leadership through the student ambassador programme and through the variety of house competitions. As well as students committing to service within school there are opportunities to engage with the wider community through a variety of charitable events. Each house is linked to national/international charities to raise money for them and learn more about their identity and purpose. We have an annual sponsored walk, seven enterprise days and a linked school in Mozambique and this outward looking approach supports our students to engage with a wider community and understand and learn about the world around us.

Beyond the curriculum at Ada Lovelace, we provide a broad range of extracurricular enrichment opportunities with the aim being to provide an offer that rivals our local private school neighbours. Art opportunities, musical orchestras and bands, musical theatre, dramatic school productions, the school newspaper, book clubs, on line coding provision, theatre trips, overseas and overnight stays – the list is joyous. There is a full sports programme focusing on key sports such as cricket, rugby, football, netball, table tennis as well as a health focus on keeping fit and active. We draw on the partnerships with Middlesex Cricket Club, Ealing Cricket Club, Brentford Football Club, and London Irish Rugby Club to add value to our sporting offer.

The Twyford Trust takes as its motto: ‘I have come that you should have life and life in all its fullness’.

The text is taken from John chapter 10 verse 10 and from this the Trust has created the 10:10 Ethic which is the principle that informs all Trust schools – irrespective of their different individual identities, intakes or admission criteria.

We believe that there are three Core Values in our 10:10 Ethic:

  1. All individuals have God-given gifts which they can develop for the good of others
  2. All individuals do bad things sometimes but that it is not acceptable to believe that anyone has to stay in a ‘bad place’
  3. All individuals can find their valued place within community

The 10:10 Ethic is also often articulated as having the following positive disciplines:

  • Know yourself
  • Be an agent for good
  • Understand weakness
  • Accept Support
  • Engage Fully
  • Stretch