Parents are expected to comply with all national regulations regarding student attendance and punctuality.

  • Punctuality
    Students must ensure they are in their form room no later than 8.20am. Students will be marked in ‘late’ if they arrive after 8.20am. If students arrive late for school, they must make sure that they report directly to the school Reception in order to be signed in late - they must not go straight to form time, assembly or a lesson. Students will automatically receive a 30-minute same-day detention if they arrive late to school (after 8.20am).
  • Daily Absence Reporting:
    If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness, you must email [email protected] or call the school and leave a message on the absence line it is not necessary to speak to a member of staff as all messages are picked up. Notification of absence due to illness should be made before 8.00am each day of the absence. If your child is absent from school for 3 or more days, a medical note or supporting document will be required. Please note that absences will be mark as unauthorised if no confirmation of absence has been received.
  • Medical Appointments:
    If you know in advance that your child is going to be absent from school for a justifiable reason (e.g. for a medical appointment) you should email as above or you can bring a letter giving the reason and details, to the school office. Notification of absence should be made to the school as soon as possible. Parents should inform their child of the appointment details. It is the child’s responsibility to report to the school reception at the correct time - we will not be able to collect your child from class. Students must sign out at reception before leaving the premises and will be required to report to reception to sign in if they are returning to school later on.
  • Absence requests:
    All requests for leave of absence must be made to the school by completing a leave of absence form. The school is not allowed to grant leave of absence unless under exceptional and documented circumstances. Leave of absence for holidays is no longer permissible under government guidance (November 2013). The school has to warn parents that if you take unauthorised leave of absence then you will be liable to a fixed penalty fine issued on our behalf by the local authority.

Application for leave of absence

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Leaving Ada Lovelace

Parents/Carers must comply with the 'Children missing in education' guidance by informing the school of plans to change school. The following Leaving School Form must be completed and submitted to the school.

Leaving School Form

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