Languages are a specialism of Twyford CofE Trust schools. We care passionately about teaching foreign languages because they offer us a chance to appreciate and value cultures different to our own and this helps us to stretch and engage fully with the wider world.

At Ada Lovelace we are really proud and excited to teach German as our primary foreign language for all students in year 7 as this links excellently to Lovelace’s commitment to computational thinking and problem solving.

Students who excel in their first year of German will be able to study a second foreign language in year 8, with the opportunity to study both at GCSE. Students are also encouraged to take qualifications in their native language.

The Twyford CofE Academies Trust has developed programmes to support the learning of languages in local primary schools and students from Ada Lovelace will act a Language Ambassadors supporting this programme.

In September 2023 Ada Lovelace was selected as a lead hub school by the National Consortium for Languages Education (NCLE). Read more about the Thames West Language Hub here.


Year 7

The Twyford Academies Trust philosophy of language learning revolves around the idea that exposure to the Language is essential. The more exposure to a language a pupil has, the more fluent he or she becomes. This exposure happens firstly in the lessons and secondly in the numerous trips, which pupils are encouraged to take part in.

The lessons are therefore taught essentially in the target language. There is a great emphasis on listening skills and memorisation. Language lessons follow a rigorous pattern which is in line with Ofsted requirements. They practice all 4 skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening), regularly and are supported to tackle complex grammar from early on in order to build a really strong language learning foundation. A very detailed programme of lessons and assessments has been put into place and parents will be able to access to it via Copia our online learning platform.

German in Year 7

In year 7, students will learn how to talk about themselves, their hobbies, their school life, their homes and also holidays.

The Extra-curricular Offer:

Our provision is enhanced by a varied portfolio of extra-curricular activities and we hope to resume our full range of trips abroad once it is safe to do so. These will include a German trip to the Rhine valley, and a joint History trip to Berlin in Year 10. We also offer a wealth of activities closer to home, with extended electives in foreign media and additional foreign languages. There are also numerous competition and one-off events throughout the year as we understand that learning a language is about so much more than just vocabulary and grammar.