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Happy New Year and welcome back to the spring term.  Just before Christmas we took delivery of some lovely new benches to enhance the outside space and give the pupils more spaces to chill out at breaktimes. The need for more seating spaces was highlighted in last year’s school survey and the School Council helped choose the new seating.  Those of you who have kindly been contributing to the School Fund in 2020/2021 paid for most of them, so Thank You.  We have now used the school fund to help finance the big outdoor investments (sculpture and benches) to make the outdoor space just as enriching for the pupils as the indoor space.

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This year’s funds (2021/2022) will be focused on digital educational enhancements and building up the English departments reading room. 


  • Digital equipment for the different departments for use in regular classes, but also wider learning, i.e. more VR headsets, a 3D Printer, digital measuring equipment, lego robotics.
  • Resource books for an English department reading room

Just as a reminder to parents new to the school, or those that missed the info in their starter packs, this is a fund operated in all Trust Schools and the Ada Lovelace Governing Body manage this one, in order to fund projects over and above what would otherwise be possible. The School Fund is built up from financial donations from parents/carers and is held in a separate bank account to other funding. It has a very important function in paying for additional needs as the school is established and grows. At Ada Lovelace we are so fortunate to have our wonderful new building we moved into in September ‘20. We have also benefited from the cost saving of sharing a building with William Perkin for our first two years, so some extras, not covered by the Department of Education building fund, have already been paid for: advanced Audio-Visual and curtains in the Performance Centre, two Digital Art learning sites and improved internal signage systems. However, as we move forward there are always further needs in a school, which this School Fund can support. 


If you don’t already contribute to the School Fund and feel able to, as a guide we encourage parents to select an amount that they are able to donate regularly:

  • £10.00 monthly for each pupil (equivalent to a cup of coffee a week)
  • £20.00 monthly for each pupil (equivalent to one Primary School breakfast club a week)
  • £30.00 monthly for each pupil (equivalent to one Primary School after school club a week)
  • Other amount

This year we have set up an online giving page which can be accessed via our school website: Please be sure to select Ada Lovelace School Fund to ensure your donation supports the correct school. We also strongly encourage you to complete the Gift Aid Form if you pay UK income tax. By doing so you will add 25% to the value of your donation.


If you have any questions about the School Fund, please contact Mrs Hamri via email on [email protected]


Thank you for supporting your child’s education, and that of all the students at Ada Lovelace CofE High School, part of the Twyford CofE Academies Trust.


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