The DFE have published their school performance tables for the Summer 2023 GCSE results and are delighted that we can now share the exceptional performance of all four the schools within our Trust compared with other schools nationally.

All four schools in the Trust have Progress 8 score that place them well within in the top 5% of schools in the country – with Ealing Fields, Ada Lovelace and Twyford all being well within the top 1% of schools in the country.

Progress 8 is the main school performance measure which shows how a students’ results in the majority of their subjects compare with the results of similar students nationally (the progress made since students joined us after completing their KS2 SATs). A score of +1.00 would mean that the results were, on average, 1 grade higher at our school than the national average of results for similar students. There are around 3400 mainstream state secondary schools in the country.

Ada Lovelace is 17th in the country with a Progress 8 score of +1.33 (within the top 0.6% of schools in the country)

Kate Brewer, Senior Deputy Headteacher commented "It was such a pleasure this August to celebrate the incredible GCSE results with our founding year group. The results are a testament to the hard work and resilience shown by them over the past five years. We started our Ada journey in temporary accommodation on the William Perkin site, we then moved into our new school building during the lockdown years which were a challenging and difficult time for all. Despite all of this the year group still managed to set very high bar for year groups to follow. We look forward to hearing from them in the coming years about the pathways they have chosen and the positive impact that they no doubt will be having on the communities around them! We’d also like to thank the staff body for their hard work and dedication over the past several years – they are a phenomenal team to work with and an inspiration to our young people".

The other schools in the Trust also performed exceptionally well.

  • Ealing Fields is 16th in the country with a Progress 8 score of +1.34 (within the top 0.5% of schools in the country)
  • Twyford is 22nd in the country with a Progress 8 score of +1.26 (within the top 0.7% of schools in the country)
  • William Perkin is 153rd in the country with a Progress 8 score of +0.83 (within the top 4.6% of schools in the country)

Schools in Ealing also celebrated some strong results this year. Ealing schools overall achieved the 3rd highest Progress 8 score in the country (+0.62). Of the 16 Ealing secondary schools who had Year 11 results this year, Ealing Fields is the highest performing school, Ada Lovelace is a close second, Twyford is third and William Perkin is 6th.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our students this year. Many have gone on to continue their studies within the Trust in our sixth forms at Ada Lovelace, Twyford and William Perkin as well as students who have moved to other schools and colleges in the local area to study a range of academic and vocational courses. The strong results they achieved at GCSE place them well for their next steps.