Last week our Digital T-Level students took part in a demo from the company ClassVR who were demonstrating their Virtual Reality headsets and their supporting educational software. ClassVR had been invited to Ada Lovelace school to help us understand how Virtual Reality and Augmented reality could be used to enhance the curriculum

The T-Level students (and staff) enthusiastically tried on headsets and immersed themselves in various virtual environments. They spent some time inside a volcano, experienced the inside of an operating theatre and watched the sharks swim by as they found themselves in the middle of the ocean.

The students were also able to experience ClassVR's augmented reality features, using a QR code cube to hold virtual objects such as the human heart or the sun. The demonstration clearly showcased a variety of ways that these emerging technologies could be used in the curriculum.

Students learnt about the possibility of being able to develop their own 3D worlds and explore them using the headsets.  They were also excited to learn that they could develop programs using programming code that would interact with the VR hardware.

As a school, we are now working with our students to build virtual reality into our T-Level curriculum with a view to expanding its use across other subjects and key stages.