6 October 2016

Vision for a third Trust school

We were delighted to see so many local families supporting our vision for a third Trust school by attending the North Twyford Open Evening at St Peter’s Church, Ealing on Monday 3rd October and would like to thank them for their interest.

Feedback from this event strongly indicates that another…

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22 September 2016

Opening of a Third School update

Email sent to prospective parents:

As you are aware, the Twyford CE Academies Trust has been given permission to open a Third School which is currently referred to as ‘North Twyford CE High School’.

Our confidence in developing this project comes from our successful experience in launching…

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29 July 2016

North Twyford opening update

Meetings in the last 2 weeks of term and in the first week of the holidays have continued to reflect the commitment to getting North Twyford open in September 2017 as planned.

The Trust has worked very closely with Adam Whalley (Schools planning) and Jas Channe (Borough Architect) in the…

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11 May 2016

New school site update

I am pleased to say that progress has been made with securing the site for the new school. The Planning Inspector has now approved the Council’s change in policy to designate sites for new schools and the policy has been adopted by Councillors. You can see the latest update on this here: 

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8 October 2015

Opening date update

Over the summer it has become clear that the originally planned opening date of September 2016 is no longer viable due to delays with securing a permanent site. The Directors of the Trust discussed this at a meeting on 22nd September and decided to ask the minister responsible to put back the…

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17 July 2015

Plans for North Twyford.

The Trust is continuing to work hard to develop the plans for North Twyford. The project was given a particular boost by the Ofsted inspection at William Perkin (a requirement for Free schools in the latter part of their 2nd year). The school was judged ‘Outstanding’ in all categories and the…

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