3 of our Digital T-Levels students have started a 6 week work placement at digital communications technology firm Cisco.

Our students went through a rigorous recruitment process to secure the placement, submitting an application and cover letter followed by an online interview.

Students from other schools are also on work placement at Cisco at the same time which is brilliant for the students to be able to work together with new people they don't know, mirroring the real life work place.

They are going to be working on a series of projects across the 6 weeks including cyber security, software and hardware projects and they then work together in small teams to complete the projects. Work skills & soft skills are a big focus for Cisco with students regularly presenting their findings to the rest of the cohort and to various employees of the company.

Students will also have access to a mentor (selected based off the students’ interests within the company and area they would like to go in to). They shadow the mentor at different points in the week and the mentor will help them in their application to Cisco’s apprenticeship programmes in the future.

As well as the work, our students are no doubt enjoying the offerings of the Cisco cafeteria. After lunch they are able to enjoy the rest of their lunchtime either in the games room on the driving simulator, outside by the lake, or even in the relaxation areas compromised of specialist sleep pods and massage chairs.