General Introduction

At Ada Lovelace, we support students to develop their computational thinking skills, but also give students a solid grounding in digital literacy so they can be effective and safe users of computers. Our curriculum includes theoretical computer science topics, programming and ICT skills. The computing curriculum ensures students become digitally literate and are able to express themselves through communication technology—which is vital when living in a digital world. Our curriculum is supported by a self-guided learning strategy encouraging students to learning programming skills independently using online resources.

KS3 Overview

In Year 7 and Year 8, students are given the opportunity to explore programming through various different programming languages / software packages. This includes using block programming with the BBC Microbit, and test based programming in Python. We also have a range of wider learning opportunities for the students after school which includes a popular computing club that enables students to further enhance their programming skills outside the curriculum.

KS4 Overview

We start Computer Science GCSE content in Year 9 in order to best prepare the students and to give them an insight into what will be covered in more depth in Year 10 and Year 11. The Computer Science GCSE enables students to work with real-world, practical programming techniques that give them a good understanding of what makes technology work.