The Lent Labyrinth is an annual creative prayer and reflection installation. Each year interactive activities are set up in one space on the school site, this year in the LRC, where students can participate to help them to reflect on and, if they choose to, pray about a particular theme – this year’s Lent Labyrinth theme was forgiveness and reconciliation. As a school we hugely value individual and collective reflection, and challenging ourselves and one another to consider how we can have a positive impact upon those around us.


All year 7 students had an opportunity to visit the Lent Labyrinth during one period on Wednesday 1st March. Father David then showed them how they could participate in the different activities to help them to explore the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation together in the time of Lent, the Christian period of reflection leading up to the festival of Easter. As is always the case, this year’s year 7 students had a brilliant time and found great enjoyment and comfort in the opportunity to creatively participate. Please do have a look at the photos to see some of the wonderful things they created during their time there.


A particular thank you to Father David, the Trust chaplain, for all his work in organising, setting up and leading the Lent Labyrinth at Ada this year.