We were delighted to welcome the Bishop of Willesden to Ada Lovelace on Tuesday 17th January. As part of his Willesden Pilgrimage of Prayer 2022-23, which started in May and will finish at Pentecost 2023, Bishop Lusa is walking from parish to parish in his new diocese, getting to know the congregations and stopping to pray for the mission of the churches on the way.


Hot on the heels of visits to William Perkin and Twyford schools last term, which started off his walks in Greenford and West Acton areas, Bishop Lusa met with Trust Chaplain Father David, and Ada Lovelace student ambassadors. They gathered outside (on a chilly morning) for a time of reflection and prayer with the focus on the theme of “We are the body of Christ.”


It was a celebration of the diversity reflected in our schools and also recognised our unity as a community.  Bishop Lusa blessed the school and headed off to The Church of the Ascension the next stop on this stage of his pilgrimage.