11 October 2023

Ada Lovelace Day 2023

IBM joined us in school yesterday to help deliver a range of workshops and keynote presentations to our P-Tech students.

IBM delivered an Agile Thinking workshop to our Year 7s. They ensured it was a fun session by briefing them to make as many paper aeroplanes as they could to a certain spec.…

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12 June 2023

IBM delivers CV writing workshop to our Year 10 students

Last week, IBM came in to school to deliver an invaluable workshop to our Year 10 students. The workshop focussed on tips and skills on how to write a successful CV. They gained insight on how to make their CVs impactful and stand out, and then they had a go at writing their own personal…

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27 March 2023

Y10 students take part in IBM workshop

Last week, our Year 10 students took part in workshops delivered by our friends over at IBM. They learnt all about the importance of non verbal communication, such as: body movements, eye contact, appearance and posture. They then logged into SkillsBuild and began working on the Professional…

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14 December 2022

Trip to University of West London

On Friday 11th November, 20 Computer Science students in Years 10 and 11 attended an exciting workshop held at the University of West London.

Students were given the chance to participate in an engaging programming workshop led by the Computer Science faculty at the University. It was a…

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12 October 2022

Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day 11 October 2022

Yesterday the whole school marked Ada Lovelace Day, and what a celebration it was!

All students were fortunate to listen to an inspiring talk about Artificial Intelligence from Emma Dawson, a Senior Inventor and Engineer at IBM. She walked us through her career path to where she is now,…

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19 July 2022

Two Ada Lovelace students gain work placements at IBM

Two of our Year 10 students were fortunate enough to be invited to complete a week's work experience at tech giant IBM last week, thanks to our close working relationship with IBM and P-Tech. Here is their account of the week.

A week of work experience at an international tech giant. How was…

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4 May 2022

Year 10 Computer Science students learn about Cyber Security from KPMG

On Wednesday 4th May, KPMG conducted a cyber security workshop at Ada Lovelace school for computer science year 10 students. The cyber session included an introduction to cyber, various work streams in cyber security, laws and responsibilities (such as GDPR and Computer misuse act 1990) and a…

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29 March 2022

Year 10 Computer Science students get 'work-ready' with IBM

This term, the year 10s have been working on their Work Readiness IBM badge which supports their learning on CV writing and what should and should not be included on a CV. These skills are essential when preparing for the world of work, and the experience and support from the IBMers when…

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3 March 2022

Year 10 Computer Science students visit Bletchley Park

The Year 10 Computer Science students visited Bletchley Park on 3rd March to explore the site's historical significance of code breaking during the Second World War.

Upon arrival, the students were immediately plunged into a hands-on workshop where they were able to work in groups to decipher a…

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1 February 2022

IBM Professional Skills workshop

This term, the year 10s have been working on their Professional Skills IBM badge which supports their learning on presenting with purpose, interpersonal skills, collaborating effectively and creative thinking skills. All of these skills are vital when entering the world of work and so exploring…

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31 January 2022

P-TECH programme featured in CCS Insight article

CCS Insight's latest article Democratizing Tech Education for the Digital Economy discusses how we can future-proof the next-generation workforce and features the IBM P-TECH programme and Ada Lovelace CofE High School.

It mentions how "P-TECH is billed as a pathway to technology, providing…

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13 December 2021

Year 10 cohort set up with IBM SkillsBuild accounts

Year 10 cohort set up with IBM SkillsBuild accounts

This term, the year 10 cohort have been set up with the IBM SkillsBuild accounts to enable them to complete a range of badges. They have been allocated a 'Work place ready' module as well as a 'Computer Science' module. The professional skills…

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