The Year 12 T level Lab scientists had an exciting opportunity to participate in the SCAMP (Study of Cognition, Adolescents, and Mobile Phones) research challenge with Imperial College, London.  SCAMP is the world's largest study exploring the relationship between adolescents and mobile phones, investigating how smartphone use and environmental factors affect young people's health and mental well-being.

The students collaborated with Imperial University to collect data by providing saliva and urine samples, conducting height, weight, and grip tests demonstrates a comprehensive approach to gathering data. This involvement not only contributes to the scientific understanding of the subject but also fosters a sense of engagement and ownership among the youth, as their voices directly influence the research.

The study prioritises involving young people to ensure their perspectives shape the research. Ultimately, SCAMP aims to make policy recommendations for improving healthcare and mental health support for young people with the rise of smartphones and social media. By translating scientific insights into actionable policies, the study seeks to improve healthcare and mental health support systems for young people and the Year 12 lab scientists were thrilled to be part of Imperial University research campaign.