Year 10 cohort set up with IBM SkillsBuild accounts

This term, the year 10 cohort have been set up with the IBM SkillsBuild accounts to enable them to complete a range of badges. They have been allocated a 'Work place ready' module as well as a 'Computer Science' module. The professional skills module contains a range of badges that will equip the students with skills to support their upcoming work experience and beyond. These include professional skills, job readiness and design thinking. The aim of this module is a more generic one that applies to all year 10 students. Below shows the learning pathway the students would be following with this module:

For year 10 Computer Science students, we have used the AQA GCSE Computer Science syllabus to map out related badges that would help support the learning that the students are doing in class. This included badges on computer systems, relational databases, cyber security and computer networks. Although this learning pathway would be beneficial for the computer science students, there is also the option for the non-computer scientists to obtain badges should they wish to do so.

Below shows the learning pathway for the students:


Through following the learning pathways set out, we hope that the year 10 students benefit from this self-guided learning which can be used as part of their portfolio when applying for work placements or post-16 pathways.