28th March 2019

As part of the planning application for the new school building, a stage 1 written scheme of investigation (WSI) was submitted to and approved by Ealing Council in support of the main planning application. As heritage assets of archaeological interest were identified by stage 1, a stage 2 WSI was required by the planning authority as a pre-commencement condition, which necessitated on-site investigations.

The archaeological investigation was carried out in January by Archaeology Collective on behalf of Kier Construction and lasted for a week. In this time 14 trenches were dug in total, all 50m long, 1.8m wide and roughly 1m deep. This totals roughly 2% of the total site area for the school.

Nothing of major interest was discovered but below is a photograph of gentleman’s wig curlers which were unearthed on the site. The one with the rounded end has been dated at 1700, the flat end one is dated generally as 18th century. How appropriate to have found problem-solving inventions on the site for a school named Ada Lovelace!